Monday, November 11, 2013

10 Things I Learned from my 3-Year-Old

  1. Cry when you’re hurt. Get it all out, there and then. And then completely forget about it and move on to the next interesting thing.
  2. Dance, often and freely. If there’s no music, sing and dance. Or dance to the music in your head. Either way, dance.
  3. Yearn to fly.
  4. Pay attention to the unusual. Bulldozers, horses, cows, trains, cement mixer trucks, pigs, airplanes – these are all supercool things to be seeing on your daily commute.
  5. Move. All the time.
  6. Enjoy being tickled. Beg the tickler to stop, and then ask for more. Repeat.
  7. Eat your fill. Then stop abruptly and completely.
  8. Experiences are only real after they have been reported to the person you love.
  9. Anything that is spilt, stained, torn or broken can be wiped, cleaned, taped or fixed. 
  10. Insist on doing what you want to do. If you insist forcefully enough, the universe will make it happen.


Akila Frosh said...

Yes, give love unconditionally. Declare someone her favorite person and within a twinkling of an eye give the honor to another. Sometimes just to play up one against the other giving a mischievous grin.

Shaheen in San Francisco ! said...

Totally love the post and agree.
And 2 more to add is being brutally honest about things you like or don't like.
And singing whenever you feel like.

Love the Blog, girl :)

Anonymous said...

I particularly love the wisdom of 8 and 9!! Rose