Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Review: Soulful Symphony by Meenaxi Singh

Just got my hands on Soulful Symphony, a collection of poems by Meenaxi Singh. In her maiden work, Meenaxi reveals herself. She pours every feeling, thought and idea she has had into her poems and you are in there, in her heart, experiencing each one of them with her. Since I've had this book, I read it through once, and then spent some time just opening a random page and soaking in the sentiment. Some poems, like her ode to her mother, brought tears to my eyes. Some, like her poem to her daughters, had me nodding thoughtfully in agreement. Her poems on love are just lovely to sink into an armchair with. Overall, a powerful synthesis of womanhood, with all the glory, love, sacrifices and melancholy it entails.

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Meenaxi said...

If my words could make a tear roll out, or a smile around the corner of lips, I feel the writing is worth.I am deeply grateful and happy, having found resonance in a reader's heart.Thanks for this. - Meenakshi M Singh