Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flash Drama

Thought I'd do this too. The theme for this competition was "Truce"

(Two girls, Eresh and Inanna, are onstage. Eresh is hiding behind a box. Inanna is daydreaming. A broken doll (with head pulled off) and a mound of toy bricks are lying nearby. Mother is backstage)

Eresh (jumping out, knocking Inanna over): Got you!

Inanna: Stop doing that! One more time and I’ll come after you! I will!

Eresh: Come after me?!?! Ha! Remember the last time you tried? You’re pathetic!

Inanna: Waahh!

Mother (comes up running and turns to Eresh): What did you do this time!

Eresh (shrugs): Nothing.

Inanna: Nothing! She jumped out and knocked me over!

Eresh: I did not!

Inanna: And she’s done this before too!

Eresh (smirking): No I haven’t!

Inanna (breathlessly pointing to broken doll): And and… yesterday she tried to break away another part of Kashmir!

Eresh (serious now): That’s because Kashmir belongs to me!

Inanna: No she doesn’t! she was always mine!

Eresh: No she wasn’t!

Inanna: Well… before she was mine, she belonged to Harry. And he gave her to me!

Eresh: She never belonged to Harry either! Mom! Tell Inanna!

Inanna: Mom?!

Mother (sighing, turns to Inanna): Now.. you did say you’d give Kashmir to Eresh, if Eresh could get her to talk…

Eresh: Yeah!

Inanna (sobbing): Mom! How could you say that! Kashmir could never talk because Eresh broke her! And took her head away! And now she’s ruining my part too!

Mother (grabbing the pieces of doll): Stop it! Both of you! Right now! I’m taking Kashmir away! (Points to the toy bricks) Now sit quietly and rebuild your houses together! Look at them! They’re a mess!          

(The girls pout and begin to play with the bricks. In two minutes, their expression changes to joy and they build furiously. Curtain)


Sanjana said...

Nice sherry! I'm not sure if you've read Shobha De's latest article in the Times. Very similar writing style, except she uses dogs!

Sherebanu said...

Yes - I'm guessing that was partly the inspiration. Except I found her treatment of "the other" to be a bit rude. She's of too high a stature (would that it were not so!) to be engaging in such barbs.

Nishant said...

At the risk of sounding biased, I was impressed how the history and a possible solution was encapsulated in the narrative. The only minus is that folks without the historical knowledge will find this un-remarkable. Perhaps Lewis Carroll should be your inspiration instead.