Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Flash Fiction

There was a competition last week to create stories under 55 words. I've never actually written a story before so I thought this would be a fun way to start. The topic was "Cheating"

I observed her sitting on the floor in the train, looking up adoringly at me, her savior.

“This is my escape,” she must have thought. “From the village, the boring husband, the infinite drudgery!”

Now, years later, as she prepares for her next client, she glances over again – her eyes are empty.

They snuck out at dawn through the empty streets. A wave of exhilaration swept over them as they reached the station. They kissed, then laughed hysterically.

Her father received her body the next day. The pieces of her lover had been fed to the kites, which swirled around the landfill for hours, fat with glee.

Fresh from a raucous night out with her lover, she crept back home in the early morning hours. Her mascara had smeared, her clothes were rumpled, and she was as happy as she had ever been.

Her husband was sitting on the porch, having tea. His boyfriend grinned, and motioned her to join them.
He came home. She stared at him, slowly and silently opening her mouth in wonderment.

The City had taken him three years ago, only sending four hundred rupees back to her as compensation.

And now her freedom would be taken away.

She pulled the edge of her sari over her face, hiding it.

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