Sunday, December 07, 2008


We're all ready for a big party tonight (mostly) in our honour.

The day has been interesting. Went to a nearby police station to register ourselves, then drove around for hours looking at Karachi landmarks and neighborhoods. I find myself looking for differences between Karachi and Delhi, but really, they are remarkably similar. Lots of space, big houses for a small elite. Interestingly, Karachi has few luxury apartments, though more are coming up. Seriously secure gated communities. Went to visit Jinnah's mazaar and his house. I felt uncomfortable - as much as Pakistanis revere the man, I felt nothing, guess we have been as conditioned to revere our own heroes.

This morning, my cousin triumphantly led me to this morning's Dawn: the headline announced that two Indians had been arrested with connection to the blast. See! I read the article - they simply bought SIM cards for the terrorists. The reinforcement continues...

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