Sunday, December 07, 2008


Party went well. My cousin Nishrin who had come with me from Bombay said that Pakistan was surprisingly "quite civilized" which aroused the ire of all the natives. Later that night, she traipsed up to me (hitherto I'd been quite horrified by her nationalism), and said triumphantly that we had won. One of my cousins who lives a few houses down was going to walk home, but decided that she would first take off her jewelry. See! That would never be necessary in Bombay! I giggled.

Today we are going shopping! Clothes and jootees mostly. I'm feeling a lot less gloomy about the situation since I heard about the arrests and have felt free to enjoy myself. Whew!

Oh and a note about the food here. Meat, meat and more meat. I've been eating the gravy and salad, but my cousin Nishrin finally protested that she had had enough, some palak Please!

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