Monday, March 10, 2014

I'm Safe

A crazed mob is at my gate
They want me 
They wave their torches, tridents ferociously 
We will burn down this house
If she doesn’t come out
My family weeps and tries to stop me
But I know I have to go
Draining myself of my fear
 Face of stone
 I step out alone

 I wake up
 My pillow soaked in sweat
 I’m safe
 This won’t happen to me
 I reassure myself
 I have married a Hindu
 I live behind strong gates
 I have money, pull, influence, education
 The police will come if I need them
 The army will come if I need them

So what if my very Muslim name Is etched in voter rolls
 They won’t look up these lists
 And come for me

So what if another Muslim somewhere
 Has done an awful thing
 They won’t seek me out
 To vent their fury
 To teach us a lesson 
To assert their manhood

So what
 I’m safe
 Go back to sleep

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DTB said...

I am speechless.