Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Today is the day i made up my mind to see India. Its appropriate that the blog was created today.

Why? you ask...

Well of course, there are the priors - my love for travel, my love for and curiosity about India, a sense of needing adventure, of needing to find myself, of needing to feel good about myself (while I've thoroughly enjoyed staying at home and doing nothing in Delhi, my ego is taking a bit of a beating for having no purpose).

Nishant set up this blog for me. And it was his egging me on that caused me to make up my mind to go. I needed this catalysing bang on the head - I'm a little too comfortable in my life of lovely dreary bliss.

So thats all for today. Still haven't figured out where i'll go in the endless hinterland - thats the beauty of this whole trip.

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